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            Homelift Light Curtain

            SFT-320/340Homelift Light Curtain SFT-320/340Homelift Light Curtain
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            SFT-320/340 Homelift Light Curtain

            Model SFT-320 SFT-340
            Number of diodes 32 Pairs 40 Pairs
            Distance between diodes 59mm 46mm
            Maximum beams (distance ≥400mm) 154 Beams 194 Beams
            Maximum beams (distance < 400mm) 94 Beams 118 Beams
            Highest beam ≥1810mm
            Lowest beam ≤ 10mm
            Size 18.5mm (thickness) x 13mm (width) x 2000mm (height)
            Detecting distance 0 ~ 3500mm
            Vertical displacement as 0mm ±20mm
            Horizontal displacement as 0mm ±3mm
            Angular displacement as 50mm ±7°
            Cable reliability 20 million door movements
            Light immunity ≥100,000 LUX
            EMC compliance Emissions to EN12015, Immunity to EN12016
            Operating temperature range -20℃ ~ +65℃
            IP Rating IP54
            Vibration test The vibration frequency is 10-55HZ, the amplitude is 0.75mm, Vibration direction : X,Y,Z three axial each 50 min
            Respones Time(NPN or PNP) 65ms 75ms
            Respones Time(Relay) 80ms 90ms