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            Power Box

            C4PPower Box C4PPower Box
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            C4P Power Box

            Model C1P220W C3P24W C4P220W P220 P110 A1P220W A1P220WP A2P220WD P110/220-3D
            Input Voltage 85-300V AC 10-35V DC 85-300V AC 175-300V AC 85-135V AC 85-300V AC 85-300V AC
            (Self-checking function)
            85-265V AC
            Over Voltage Protection NO YES NO NO YES NO
            Size 143.5x61.5x40mm 95x63x39mm 121x61.5x40mm 152x67x39.5mm 178x67x39.5mm 200.5x67.39.5mm
            Material ABS material Steel and aluminium
            Indicator light Status