Screen Recorder

A command line program that records windows in 720p resolution, the program asks the user to activate (click) the target window and then resize it to the video size, which is ideal for non-stretched recording and sharp video results. The recorded frames are stored in a high quality video for optional further processing in a video editor.

This is meant to record software presentations or video tutorials (screen casts).


1. Load the program you want to record, lets say you want to record a Firefox window.
2. Start the Screen Recorder utility.
3. Now, when ready, click on your Firefox window to start recording.
4. Do whatever you want, you may not move the window while recording.
5. When finished, hold [Ctrl]+[F12] to end the recording and generate the video.


I recommend to disable the Windows Aero interface while recording, otherwise the recorded window may look a little strange. You can disable Aero by using a "classic" theme.


This software makes uses of FFMPEG for video encoding.

I. "ffmpeg.exe" is licensed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License (GPL) V2. No changes have been made, you can download the source code at:

I. "screenrecorder.exe" is "Freeware", you may redistribute it for free under the following terms:
 1. You may not charge the recipient for the service of delivering or hosting the file.
 2. You may not ask the recipient to give personal information.
 3. You may not ask the recipient to make a subscription or give you or a third party money or donations.
 4. You may not falsely claim that you wrote or contributed to the software.
 5. You may not hide the origin of the software or its license by removing files or information from the software.
 A. The term "software" refers to all files that are related to the software and were given to you in one package.

Beyond this agreement, this software is (c)Copyright 2011 by Bastian von Halem.
This information is also included in the download and is a valid agreement.
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