Texraise is a command line utility that creates quality normal-maps from textures. Several customizable filters and techniques can be applied to archive the desired shader effect.

The program can also run a noise removal filter to clean up small unwanted bumps, which are likely to show up otherwise.

The images processing is lightning fast and multi-core optimized. Even textures beyond 4096x4096 are no problem. The resulting image is a 32-bit PNG file.


The tool takes several parameters (which may likely change in later releases). The first parameter is always the source texture. For starters, it is possible to just drop textures on the executable. A GUI for this is also in the works.

1. Roughness. A floating point value between of 0.0 (sharper) and 1.0 (rough). (Default: 0.4)

2. Denoise filter size. Removes noise which often lead to bad normal maps. Set between 0 and 5! (Default: 3)

3. Strength. Scales the normal map, useful for simulating more depth. (Default: 1.5)

4. Sharpen. A value between 0.0 (soft) and 4.0 (very sharp).(Default: 2.0)

Example: texraise.exe texture.png 0.5 4 2.0 0.5


II. Texraise is "Freeware", redistribution is restricted under the following conditions:
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 A. The term "software" refers to all files that are related to the software and were given to you in one package.

Beyond this agreement, this software is (c)Copyright 2011 by Bastian von Halem.
This information is also included in the download and is a valid agreement.
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